Depolcrit #2: Schmitt on context

The term depoliticization is often used, but rarely defined in a precise way or related to its conceptual background. It is perhaps all too easy to take it at face value: de-politicization signifies a process whereby something is made non-political. This embryonic definition is a good start, but it is not clear what follows from … Continue reading Depolcrit #2: Schmitt on context


Depolcrit #1: Politics/ethics

Entpolitisierungskritik is a wonderful German technical term that captures both of the features I am interested in - depoliticization and critique - in a single word, while also suggesting that we compare it to its older cousin,¬†Ideologiekritik. 'Ideology critique' has established itself as a passable English version, I suspect mostly because of the theoretical importance … Continue reading Depolcrit #1: Politics/ethics